Write Your Name

What You Need:
Alphabet Letters

This is a fun one! It’s interactive for the rider and works on life and riding skills simultaneously. It teaches life skills like communication, patience, pattern recognition, and cognitive understanding. It teaches riding skills like stopping, steering, balance, and forethought.

How to play? Easy!

Set up the arena with letters that spell out the riders’ names and/or the names of the horses. The riders need to ride to each letter to spell out their name/their horse’s name. So if your rider’s name is John, place J – O – H – N around the arena and have your rider steer first to J, then O, and so on.

Riders can also pick the letters off the rail or place an object, like a sticker, on the letter to ‘tag’ that they reached that letter. For group lessons, you can set up the letters on opposite sides of the arena so there is no crossing over or let more experienced riders crisscross each other and the ring to spell out their name. Use different colored stickers or letters to differentiate between the spellings.

To make this game easier, lead the rider to the correct letter to start associating letters with words to spell a name.

Think this is something you will try? Let me know in the comments below!

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