Puzzle Game

What You Need:
Puzzle Board
Puzzle Pieces
*can make or buy

Puzzles are a great activity for fine motor skill development and cognitive development. Puzzles require matching, memorization, and manipulation of fingers and hands. Oftentimes, we play with puzzles off the horse but here’s a way to play on horseback!

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

First, gather your puzzle pieces and puzzle board. Puzzles can be purchased or made. It’s easy to make a puzzle board out of foam board, thick poster board, or plywood. I like using pictures as my puzzle pieces. If my puzzle is a picture of a horse, each piece will be different body parts of the horse. Laminate the puzzle pieces for easy cleaning and re-use and use Velcro on the back of the pieces and the puzzle board for easy sticking.

Stick your puzzle board up on the arena fence and place puzzle pieces around the ring. Have riders complete the puzzle by gathering pieces one at a time and matching to the correct place on the puzzle board.

This is a game that can be repeated in back-to-back lessons or once every session because riders will learn a new skill each time.

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