Puzzle Game

What You Need:
Puzzle Board
Puzzle Pieces
*can make or buy

Puzzles are a great activity for fine motor skill development and cognitive development. Puzzles require matching, memorization, and manipulation of fingers and hands. Oftentimes, we play with puzzles off the horse but here’s a way to play on horseback!

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The Saddle Game

What You Need:
English saddle
Western saddle
Pictures of saddles
Toy saddles

This game can really be played with any piece of tack, but saddles are easy to start with. This game teaches riders horsemanship skills and jargon (tacking is an important part of riding and ‘saddle’ is a word used in the equestrian field).

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A Matching Game

What You Need: 
Colored Rings
Colored Cones
Hooks/Barrels (something to place rings on)

Some riders may not know numbers or letters yet, but they may know colors. Instructors can use this to play several fun games. Here’s one example I play in lessons a lot!

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