The Return

Hello! It has been a (very) long time, but I am back! I have a new path forward for this blog, and I have been very busy in my personal life.

The most relevant news is that I am completing my Master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and will graduate at the end of this year. Currently, I am a graduate student clinician in speech-language pathology. Working as a speech-language pathology student this year has opened my eyes to so many more aspects of therapy, but I continue to return to therapeutic horseback riding and equine assisted activities as an option for almost every client.

I have encountered very few therapists and families who are even aware of therapeutic riding as an option for clients. I want to change that. I will be writing about my experiences as a therapeutic riding instructor, burgeoning speech-language pathologist, and where the two industries can intersect.

The blog has a new look and I will be adding posts to all three areas (lesson ideas, equine activities, and speech language). Stay tuned for more content coming soon!

2 responses to “The Return”

  1. Great to hear from you, Lena! Congrats on all your accomplishments! Sure miss you at TRS!
    Hope all is well with your family! Bet the kiddos are growing like weeds!
    Evan turned 10 in Jan and is doing really well with his Sunday am lessons on Chiclet. He is so tall now and using his “ talker” with great speed , and amazes all of us with how he converses with us !
    Take good care and I look forward to more posts from you! 🐴❤️🐴

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    1. I hope all is well! I miss you guys! Tell Evan & Tara I say hi


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About Me

Hello! I am a PATH, Intl CTRI (certified therapeutic riding instructor) and ESMHL (equine specialist in mental health and learning). I am also a graduate student clinician in speech-language pathology.

This is my little arena where I will share my experience in equine assisted activities and my burgeoning knowledge in speech-language pathology.

I’m so happy to have you here!


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