Grounding into the Present

I had the pleasure of teaching a ground lesson to adults recently and it was so fun. I usually teach children and young adults so it was fun to step outside my normal therapeutic riding lessons and get to do a ground-based lesson for adults.

One activity I have been working on incorporating into my lessons (and, if I’m being open, in my life) is grounding. For me, this means coming into the present moment and owning your body and your experience. Grounding is extremely important in every aspect of our lives. It can help with anxiety and stress, makes us slow down, and can increase gratitude.

The exercise I did in this group was a breathing exercise. We all stood in a circle and set our feet in a comfortable, solid position. Having a solid base is important for grounding. It allows us to feel the ground underneath us and take power in our body. With a solid stance, we can close our eyes and truly feel into the moment. Once our body is set we are ready to begin the breathing.

I took the group through a series of breathing exercises, focusing on full body breaths. This means the breath is moving from the nose into the throat, chest, diaphragm, lungs, and belly then cycling back out in the opposite direction. Deep breathing connects our mind and body and helps us lean in to the present moment.

I started my ground lesson with this grounding exercise so that everyone was prepared to stay in the present moment, leave any worries at the door, and be ready to work with the horses. This is an exercise you can try at home too! Set your feet solidly on the ground and focus on deep, full body breaths for 3-5 minutes. If that seems too long, try 5-8 breaths.

Let me know how you feel after trying this! Do you do any sort of grounding or mindfulness exercises in your lessons? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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