Develop a Lesson Plan

It’s important to have a plan for each lesson. Some programs run continuously while others have sessions. I work at a continuous program but I like to still think of “sessions” so there is a goal to work toward at the end of 6, 7, 8 weeks – whatever the case may be.

I plan backwards, so if the end goal is to do a posting trot on lead, I set up each lesson to work towards that goal. It’s important to know what your benchmark is before a rider can work towards a posting trot. For me, that means the rider needs to already be walking off lead, able to stop and steer their horse. The rider may also need to already have the balance and strength at the sitting trot, but that is for the instructor to decide individually. Below is an example of how I might lay out the lesson goals for a rider who is riding at the walk independently and sitting the trot.

Week One: Rider can walk independently and steer horse through a series of turns and whoa’s.

Week Two: Rider can steer over a set of poles while in two-point.

Week Three: Rider can sit the trot.

Week Four: Rider can post at the walk and understands “sit, stand” or “rise, fall” direction.

Week Five: Rider can hold two-point for 10+ seconds.

Week Six: Rider holds two-point at walk and can do sitting trot one lap around arena.

Week Seven: Rider completes posting trot down the long side of the arena in each direction.

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