Animal Scavenger Hunt

What You Need:
-Various animals (toys or stuffed animals)
-Animal signs or cards
-Animal noise sounds or animal fur/hair (optional)

Here’s another fun game to play with riders that can be adjusted for any level of rider and can be played multiple weeks in a row with a few tweaks. First, pick your animals. I usually do a theme like “farm animals” or “forest animals.”

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Red Light, Green Light

What You Need:
A Loud Voice
Colored Cue Cards (optional)

This is a game that can be played in a private, semi-private, or group lesson. It works best for younger riders, but you can make it more advanced to appeal to older riders.

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Colors of the Horse

What You Need:
Pictures of Horses
Way to Secure Pictures (e.g. hooks, rope, tape)
Cards of the horses/color (optional)

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The Scavenger Hunt

What You Need:
Stuffed Animals
Animal Cards (optional)
Buckets (optional)
Barrel (optional)

This is an easy, fun game to play with your riders that can be played in the arena or outside on a sensory trail.

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The Benefits of Circles

Therapeutic riding is offered to those with special needs to provide physical, emotional , behavioral, and cognitive benefits. Horseback riding increases strength, agility, mobility, and improved motor skills.

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