Find the Lucky Clover

What You Need:
Barrels (or something to place bucket on)
One special toy

I’ve talked on the blog before about playing games related to the season or holiday because it keeps me from getting bored. I’ve been teaching for fourteen years and need to find ways to stay fresh! This is a great game I like to play around St. Patrick’s Day, but it can be played any time.

As always, this game is adaptable to each rider’s skill level so modify where needed. Here is basically how I play:

Set up buckets around the ring. The buckets need to be able to flip upside down so it’s covering toys. I’ve used the arena fence posts, arena wall, buckets, or built-in shelves on a trail before.

Show the rider the different toys in use that day and one lucky toy. I like to make the lucky toy really different, so I’ll play with dice and then one big stuffed animal. You can also play with all stuffed animals and the lucky toy is a ring. Bonus points if you find a stuffed 4-leaf clover!

Make a big deal out of the lucky toy and make sure the rider knows which toy is the lucky toy. Have the rider work on applicable riding skills and stretches while you hide the toys. Place toys under the buckets. The rider needs to check each of the buckets to find the lucky toy!

This game helps riders develop riding skills of stopping, steering, balance, hand-eye coordination, and independent use of aids. It also works on pattern recognition, memory improvement, communication, social skills, and independence.

Let me know if you try this in your next lesson!

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