A Matching Game

What You Need: 
Colored Rings
Colored Cones
Hooks/Barrels (something to place rings on)

Some riders may not know numbers or letters yet, but they may know colors. Instructors can use this to play several fun games. Here’s one example I play in lessons a lot!

  1. Set up colored rings around the arena, either on top of barrels or on wall hooks – whatever works for your arena style. Have colored cones set up around your arena.
  2. Ask the rider to find a specific color ring on the perimeter of the arena (from your hooks or barrels) and then match it to the same colored cone in the ring.

This game gets your rider to understand colors, complete a pattern, follow multiple instructions, whoa, and steer! All while having fun and thinking they are just matching colors! You can also adjust the difficulty of this game to your student. For example, start by matching the same colored rings and cones then get creative with your matching (e.g. red ring to red cone OR red ring to blue cone). Add in another obstacle (e.g. walk over a pole or circle a barrel).

Let me know if you use this game in an upcoming lesson and how it goes!


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